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Competitiveness in focus for new collaboration with Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum

January 25, 2024

The Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation has initiated a new collaboration with the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum to contribute to strengthening Swedish competitiveness. During the year, a joint seminar series is being launched to connect research with experiential knowledge from the business sector on current industrial policy issues.

For a long time, Sweden has been losing ground in the so-called prosperity league. Since 2021, the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum has been conducting the research program ‘Task Force for Enhanced Swedish Competitiveness,’ to analyze why Swedish competitiveness and productivity have declined and what can be done to reverse this trend.

– The project has generated research-based insights on how the long-term competitiveness of the Swedish industry can be strengthened. Through the collaboration with the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation, we aim to utilize the foundation’s unique platform for sharing and discussing these findings with representatives from the business, political, and public sectors, says Anders Broström, CEO of the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.

For nearly 40 years, the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation has served as an independent arena for constructive dialogue on matters related to the development of business in Sweden.

– Competitiveness is a crucial issue for Sweden’s future. We look forward to engaging our network of decision-makers, experts, and thought leaders to connect research with experiential knowledge from businesses. We hope that this will contribute to an improved business climate in the long term, says Tor Bonnier, Chairman of the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation.

The seminar series is currently being planned, and the first seminar is scheduled for early spring, addressing the topic of competence supply.

– Throughout the year, we will organize several thematic roundtable discussions. Each session will focus on a specific area where the research program has identified that Sweden needs to improve to enhance competitiveness. Invited participants will, under the guidance of a moderator, have the opportunity to discuss, verify, and supplement the results and conclusions, says Tor Bonnier.

The goal is for the seminar series to contribute to increased engagement among companies, a more qualified debate, and the development of concrete reform proposals that can strengthen Swedish competitiveness.

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