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The Board

The members of the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation’s Board have a seven-year term of office. The Board always consists of Karl-Adam Bonniers family and external members. The current Board is responsible for asset and real estate management and for developing suitable productive activities for the Foundation.

Tor Bonnier


Working chairman of the Karl-Adam Bonnier’s foundation between 2013-2019. Member of the Bonnier Group Family Council, board member of the Bonnier Family Foundation and chairman of several committees within Albert Bonnier AB. 30 years of experience in design consulting and design thinking with clients from both multinational companies and startups in ICT, retail, automation and industry.

Tora Bonnier

Board Member

Currently a student at Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio working towards a J.D degree. Previously worked in the fine sales and service industry after completing a sommelier program at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, which taught valuable communication skills and professionalism. Bachelor’s degree from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in the United States.

Kia Orback Pettersson

Board Member

Full time professional board member for the past ten years, mainly in the construction/real estate sector, retail, media, IT and health. Board member of i.a. JM, Kungsleden, Jernhusen, Apoteket, Odd Molly, Teracom, Knowit, Friskis & Svettis and Karolinska University Hospital. 15 years of experience from senior positions in the retail, media and real estate industries as well as experience from consultancy in media and communications.

Bo Hjalmarsson

Board Member

Attorney and senior advisor at Delphi Law Firm. Chairman of the Board at Rosebo Management AB, board member of Per Skårmans Foundation, Mikko Andersson Foundation and Aniagra Management AB. Executive board member of the Asset Management Committee for Lidh Advertising AB and the Law School Literature Foundation, as well as Co-founder of MAQS Law Firm.

Former board members

Year 2012–2019

Year 2005–2012

Year 1998–2005

Year 1991-1998