We build knowledge, promote collaboration, and influence policy.

The Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation is an independent and non-partisan actor that promotes the development of business in Sweden. Since 1986, we have been supporting research and education in business administration and corporate law.

For the development of dynamic and sustainable business in Sweden.

Companies have a crucial role to play in the societies of the future. Today, companies set the direction and drive the development of society. They also lay the foundation for continued prosperity in our country.

That is why the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation works for the development of dynamic and sustainable business in Sweden. We accelerate development by strengthening knowledge, promoting collaboration and influencing policy. That is our mission.

We build knowledge

The Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation initiates research and multidisciplinary projects that lead to the development and sharing of new knowledge in business administration and corporate law.

We identify knowledge gaps, fund research, and share new knowledge that contributes to the development of business in Sweden. Over the past years we have contributed to building knowledge in intrapreneurship, born globals, and the market changes in corporate bonds – to mention a few areas.

We promote collaboration

We connect decision-makers, experts and thought leaders from academia, politics, private and public stakeholders to debate issues and create synergies.

We create an independent and non-partisan area for constructive dialogue. Our forums arrange salon debates and roundtable discussions where perspectives are broadened, relationships are built, and new ideas take shape. By promoting collaboration, we create the conditions for mobilization and development.

We influence policy

We accelerate the development of policy for a competitive business climate by promoting knowledge and collaboration.

The Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation creates conditions for different stakeholders to meet, debate and reach consensus. By sharing new knowledge and providing an independent arena for dialogue, we contribute to the development of policy proposals and accelerate improvements.


Jonas Törnblom, newly appointed Senior Advisor at the KAB Center for Governance, connects researchers with societal actors to explore how they can jointly contribute to improved societal development. In a new seminar series, the spotlight is on how research can address complex challenges in society.

House of GaPP

House of GaPP is a new research hub within the Stockholm School of Economics. The aim of the hub is to reduce the gap between the private and public sectors and ensure that decision makers have access to the right knowledge and research when making decisions that form our future.

Smart Society

Smart Society Sweden is our limited-edition podcast hosted by Elizabeth Walentin. In this podcast our guests share lessons learned and experiences from Sweden’s journey towards creating a smart society.

Our purpose is to support research and education in business administration and corporate law.

- Chariman of the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation