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Our Forums

For more than 30 years, the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation has created an independent and non-partisan arena for constructive dialogue.

Our three forums – Corporate Governance Forum, Forum for Global Business, and Forum for Innovation Management – regularly arrange thematic salon debates and roundtable discussions to raise new ideas and initiate collaboration that contributes to the development of business in Sweden.

Corporate Governance Forum

Good corporate governance and corporate finance are important means to contribute to economic development and sustainable growth.

Corporate Governance Forum (CGF) stimulates and influences the debate on corporate governance and corporate finance in Sweden and internationally.

Forum for Global Business

Internationalization and export are key factors for Sweden’s future prosperity.

Forum for Global Business (FGB) contributes to the development of favorable conditions for increased trade and internationalization of the business community.

Forum for Innovation Management

Innovation is a prerequisite for a competitive business sector.

Forum for Innovation Management (FIM) builds knowledge about the importance of innovation and contributes to improvements in the entrepreneurial climate in Sweden.