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In our podcast, Smart Society Sweden, Elizabeth Walentin invites guests to inspiring conversations about the Swedish model and how Sweden is creating a smart society for the future. What are some of the lessons learned and experiences from Sweden’s journey? Tune in as we share our perspectives with others facing the same challenges.

The podcast is a project of the Forum for Global Business in collaboration with Business Sweden.

Episode 9
22 Minutes

This Time It’s Personal: A Swedish Life Science Game Changer

There is a great big global game changer happening in health care. We are talking about data-driven personalized medicine. In this episode you’ll meet Britta Stenson, head of the Global Industry Network for Life Science at Business Sweden and based in Stockholm, Eric Blomquist, senior project manager at Business Sweden and based in Madrid, and Emma Hemmingson, senior project manager at Business Sweden and based in Paris. Theywill give you a global outlook on what comes next for data-driven personalized medicine and what it means for Sweden and the world.
Episode 8
30 Minutes

The Secret in the Sauce: The Swedish Food Tech Revolution

We can promise you a mouthwatering and delicious episode of the Smart Society Sweden Podcast because we are talking about Swedish food. It’s a story of heritage and innovation, and of safety and sustainability along the whole value chain. And at a time when worldwide food demand is growing, Sweden is one step ahead with innovative niche products being exported to customers around the globe. Meet Ram Nair, founder and CEO of Mycorena, and Annika Sund, marketing manager at Leksands Knäckebröd.
Episode 7
34 Minutes

All Charged Up: The Swedish Battery Boom

There’s a battery boom charging up the world, and Sweden is at the heart of it. In this episode we take a deep dive into what this new industry is all about, why it plays such a pivotal role, and why exactly the first homegrown battery production in Europe is happening in Sweden. Meet Adam Dahlquist, Senior Advisor at Altris, and Robin Pettersson, Program Manager at Business Sweden.
Episode 6
44 Minutes

Re-skill Don’t Kill

In this episode, we discuss transformation and re-skilling to meet future needs of competence. With us we have Susanne Ackum, Head of Forum för Omställning and Jan Larsson, CEO at Business Sweden.
Episode 5
43 Minutes

Outside In: The Trade Attaches Tell All

What makes Sweden such a smart society and what can we learn from other countries? Join us as we discuss that question with Roberth Friedman, Country Manager at the Israeli Ministry of Economy, and Steve Angus, Country Director for international trade at the British Embassy.
Episode 4
45 Minutes

Pioneering the possible

Join us as we find out how Swedish industries pioneer the possible. Our guest in this exciting episode is Cecilia Warrol, Director of Industrial R&D at Teknikföretagen, and Björn Block, Business Area Manager of IKEA Home smart.
Episode 3
48 Minutes

Into the Unknown: Intrapreneurship

Meet researcher Katarina Blomkvist from Uppsala University and Mats Barversten, former Product Director at Spotify (and the man behind the “smartphone” name) in a conversation about the importance of intrapreneurship.
Episode 2
46 Minutes

Co-creation Nation

How did Sweden become a co-creation nation? Don’t miss when Jennie Cato, Head of Public Affairs and Partnerships at Scania, and Magnus Mähring, Erling Persson Professor of Entrepreneurship and Digital innovation at the Stockholm School of Economics, share their answers.
Episode 1
44 Minutes

Bumblebee Nation: Can the Swedish Model still ”Fly”?

In our first podcast episode, Elizabeth Walentin meets British journalist and author David Crouch, and Lena Sellgren, chief economist at Business Sweden in an inspiring conversation about the Swedish model. What’s the secret in the sauce?