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Thomas Malmer new Forum Manager for the Forum for Global Business

May 14, 2024

Thomas Malmer was involved in the development of the Forum for Global Business (FGB) and served as Forum Manager during the formative years of 2015-2016. Since then, he has been following the operations from a distance and is now looking forward to reassuming the leadership role as Elizabeth Walentin moves on to new opportunities.

When FGB was initiated, the ambition was to create a forum focusing on issues affecting companies’ international growth opportunities. Thomas led the effort to define the operational framework and led the forum until the end of 2016.

– I have never completely let go of FGB as I’ve been part of the forum’s Advisory Board since then and have also participated in several salon debates. I’m excited to now take an active role in the forum again, ays Thomas.

During Elizabeth Walentin’s time as Forum Manager for FGB, much has happened.

– Today, it is an established operation with recurring seminars, such as Trade Officers’ dinners. FGB has become prominent for many organizations working on internationalization and trade issues and has become a valued and essential arena for discussion and knowledge sharing, continues Thomas.

The foundation’s meeting concept is unique; it establishes trust through the Chatham House Rule, facilitating open discussions on new thoughts and ideas.

– There is no equivalent meeting place where decision-makers and experts from various organizations discuss important business issues so openly and constructively in a pleasant and familiar setting. FGB is both an incredibly important and inspiring operation to work with.

Already in mid-May, Thomas will host his first seminar as Forum Manager.

– It will be a roundtable discussion with the Canadian Embassy on how they work with talent attraction. Talent supply is a crucial issue for companies’ growth opportunities, and Canada has an interesting way of working that Sweden can learn from.

A central part of the Forum Manager’s job is to keep an ear to the ground to find relevant and current issues that require constructive debate.

– The global situation is different today compared to seven years ago. We see increased protectionism, which tends to negatively impact international trade. Moreover, Sweden has dropped in several international rankings during this period. If we are to strengthen Swedish competitiveness, we need to dare to ask critical questions and find concrete solutions. FGB has an important role to play in the future, concludes Thomas.

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