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The launch of the Intrapreneurship Compass 2018

November 29, 2018

On November 29th 2018, the second edition of the research report Intrapreneurship Compass was launched. This 4-year research project is carried out by Uppsala University under the leadership of Professor Ivo Zander, Dr. Katarina Blomkvist and Dr. Philip Kappen.

At the launch of the report, the research team revealed that the current temperature on the digital intrapreneurship is too low in order for Sweden to remain in the forefront of the digital transformation. Innovation and competitiveness require a change in attitude towards risk, in particular management’s attitude towards high-risk projects with potentially high returns. The report shows a decrease in risk taking compared to last year, despite the current boom in Swedish economy. It also reveals that women are underrepresented among digital intrapreneurs and that the public sector and rural areas are lagging behind in the digital transformation.

The results were discussed in a panel debate with Henrik Byström, Microsoft, Kristofer Klerfalk, Co-creation Health, Peter Eriksson, Minister of Digitalization (MP), Daniel Forslund, Commisioner for Innovation, SSL (L) and Katrien Vanhaverbeke, SKL.

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