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The foundation contributes to the new research hub House of GaPP at SSE

October 12, 2022

House of Governance and Public Policy (GaPP), a new research hub at Stockholm School of Economics, is now launched. At the launch event on October 12, the participants were given insights on how this unique initiative will contribute to a better and more stable foundation for our future society.

The aim of House of GaPP is to reduce the gap between the private and public sectors. The Stockholm School of Economics has a strategy to become even more focused on society, and the initiative is an important step on that journey. This was clarified by the school’s principal, Lars Strannegård, at the launch.

Society faces large and complex challenges where the solutions require both new knowledge and cross-border collaboration between the private and public sectors. House of GaPP will contribute to ensuring that decision-makers have access to the right knowledge and research when making decisions that shape our future.

The focus of House of GaPP is, as the name reveals, on governance and public policy. House of GaPP gathers around 30 researchers from various disciplines. In total, the school has received SEK 90 million over a ten-year period to realize the initiative. donation from Karl-Adam Bonnier’s foundation has played a key role.

The Stockholm School of Economics hopes that House of GaPP will also help the school to attract even more students who see the public sector and politics as their main workplace after their studies.

One of the school’s former students, Anna Kinberg Batra, former party leader of the Moderates, was one of speakers on stage during the launch. She was accompanied by former foreign minister Jan Eliasson, Darja Isaksson, director general at Vinnova, and Susanne Håkansson, responsible for social affairs at Astra Zeneca, among others.

Tor Bonnier, the chairman of the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation, concluded the launch ceremony and summed up the afternoon before the participants were invited to mingle with refreshments.

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