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The launch of the Intrapreneurship Compass 2019

November 28, 2019

On November 28th 2019, the third and final edition of the research report Intrapreneurship Compass was launched. This 4-year research project has been carried out by Uppsala University under the leadership of Professor Ivo Zander, Dr. Katarina Blomkvist and Dr. Philip Kappen.

At the launch, the research team emphasized that the project has collected 12,000 observations over the years, which is world-unique data within the area of renewal. The project has sparked debate about the importance of intrapreneurship and identified a way to measure and develop intrapreneurship in both the private and public sectors. The team revealed that the temperature of the green intrapreneurship is lukewarm and that the transition towards green growth and renewal appears as yet another untapped potential. The green transition is considered to be an important board issue, but still falls far behind discussions on future recruitment needs and digitalization in the board rooms.

The results were discussed in a panel debates with Micco Grönholm, Head of Future, Helsingborgs stad, Joakim Ingers, CEO Dialogue Technologies, Stellan Rosenquist, Product Marketing Manager, ABB, Anne Årneby, CEO, Nordic Morning Group, Caroline af Ugglas, Vice president, Svenskt Näringsliv, Gunvor Engström, Chairman, Styrelseakademien, Nina Ekelund, Secretary General, Hagainitiativet and Anna Nilsson-Ehle, Chairman, Vinnova.

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