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The launch of Bumblebee Nation

August 27, 2018

In August 2018, in the midst of an ongoing election debate, the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation launched the book Bumblebee Nation – the hidden story of the new Swedish model. At the well-attended press event the author of the book David Crouch, former Prime Minister Göran Persson and former Minister of Finance Anders Borg, discussed key issues for Sweden’s future competitiveness and the development of the Swedish model.

An additional launch event was arranged with a focus on the challenges facing the Swedish model and how the image of Sweden internationally is influenced by negative writing and fake news. Three international voices shared their thoughts and experiences during the evening; author David Crouch, investor and entrepreneur Jane Walerud and Paul Rapacioli, author of the book Good Sweden, Bad Swedenand founder of the news site The Local.

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