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Corporate Governance Forum celebrates 25 years

December 6, 2018

Since 1993, the Corporate Governance Forum (CGF) has stimulated and influenced the debate on corporate governance and corporate finance in Sweden and internationally. On December 6, 2018, the Forum celebrated its 25th anniversary with a seminar in Stockholm. Based on new research and previously unpublished data, the discussions during the seminar focused on the main topics for the coming years given the developments in the market.

Speakers at the event were Ronald J. Gilson, Marc and Eva Stern Professor of Law and Business at Columbia Law School and Meyers Professor of law and Business emeritus at Stanford Law School, Rolf Skog, Professor of stock market regulation at the University of Gothenburg, Mats Isaksson, Head of the Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance Division at the OECD, Robert Ohlsson, Partner at Nord Advokater, Erik Lidman, CGF, and Serdar Celik, Senior Economist at the OECD.

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