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New knowledge and insights generated within the foundation’s research projects and activities are communicated and spread through our own publications. All our publications are available in our digital library and most of them can be download online. To order our publications in print, please contact our office.
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Born globals – fakta och önsketänkande

Born globals är företag som från start har siktet inställt på världsmarknaden. De har på senare år pekats ut som viktiga för Sveriges framtida tillväxt och jobbskapande. Den här rapporten undersöker svenska born globals inom tillverkning, handel och tjänstesektorn under 2000­-talet, och hur deras utveckling skiljer sig från andra företags. En slutsats är att tilltron till born globals som jobbskapare är för stor. Studien är genomförd av professor Magnus Henrekson, ekon.dr. Shon Ferguson och fil. lic. doktorand Louise Johannesson vid Institutet för Näringslivsforskning (IFN).

Corporate Governance in Today’s Equity Markets and the Role of Institutional Investors – A Public Policy Perspective

This publication provides important insights into how the public policy agenda of corporate governance needs to adapt to developments in modern equity markets. Based on original empirical research it illustrates key changes with respect to the population of regulated corporations, the markets in which their shares are traded and the varying incentives among institutional investors to engage in truly informed corporate governance. The authors are Mats Isaksson, Head of the Corporate Affairs Division, and Serdar Çelik, Senior Economist, both at the OECD.

Intrapreneurship Compass

The ability to create an intrapreneurial climate that favors innovation and renewal is central to a company’s continued success. Despite this fact, little research has been done within the area of intrapreneurship and our knowledge about the intrapreneur is low. The Intrapreneurship Compass demystifies the intrapreneur in Swedish companies and reveals how the intrapreneurial climate can be improved to unleash the growth potential. The report is written by professor Ivo Zander, Dr. Katarina Blomkvist and Dr. Philip Kappen.

Miljardvallen – Tio svenska företag om hur man skapar framgång genom export

With the book Miljardvallen, Forum for Global Business wants to contribute to the internationalization of small and medium-sized companies. The book describes how ten Swedish companies grew and became successful through export. The companies represent different industries and together they represent a reflection of a dynamic Swedish business community. Constantly undergoing change. Through hard work, these companies have succeeded and they all have an exciting story worth reading. The ambition of the book is to inspire more companies to an international expansion on the global market.

Manifest – Utveckla förutsättningarna för företag att lyckas på världsmarknaden

The book Miljardvallen presents seven proposals to strengthen companies in Sweden on the world market. This manifestation provides a background to these proposals based on existing reports and surveys

Stockholmsbörsen på en förändrad finansmarknad

Over the past decades, Swedish as well as international stock exchanges have undergone a complete change, transforming from national, semi-public markets into company-driven, privatized and global businesses. For the Stockholm Stock Exchange (Stockholmsbörsen), this transformation was particularly dramatic since a monopoly business over the course of a few years was replaced by a privately–owned business that actively sought to acquire other stock exchanges in the international market. This book describes and analyzes the development and transformation of the Stockholm Stock Exchange from the mid-1960s until the beginning of the 2010s. The authors are the economics historians Mats Larsson, Oskar Broberg, Peter Hedberg, Lars Karlsson, Åsa Malmström-Rognes, Tom Petersson and Anders Ögren.
Författarna är ekonomiskhistorikerna Mats Larsson, Oskar Broberg, Peter Hedberg, Lars Karlsson, Åsa Malmström-Rognes, Tom Petersson och Anders Ögren.

Aktie, aktiebolag, aktiemarknad – en vänbok till Johan Munck

Johan Munck has for many years played a key role in the development of corporate law, stock market regulation and securities law. In his role as investigator, judge, arbitrator, chairman of numerous important committees and in other ways, he has been a highly active and extremely productive influencer. In connection with his 70th birthday, 18 of his friends and colleagues wrote this book on shares, corporations and the stock market. The book is edited by the Cheif Justice Marianne Lundius, economist Ragnar Boman, and Adjunct Professor Rolf Skog, whom have all worked closely with Johan Munck.

Regelfrågor på en förändrad kapitalmarknad

The capital market has changed dramatically in recent years. Deregulation has opened up for international ownership, and in many large Swedish listed companies, foreign owners are today in majority. The ownership structure has also changed. Private shareholders are no longer dominating the ownership structure, replaced by institutional investors. This has become a reality in Sweden as well as globally. At the same time, a capital market outside the stock exchange has developed, through for example hedge funds and private equity funds. CGF has gathered a number of researchers and practitioners interested in regulatory issues in the capital market to discuss how these changes in ownership should impact the capital market regulation. The results of the discussions are presented in this book by Gunnar Nord and Per Thorell.

Svensk Innovationskraft II – Ur Startblocken

In this second book about Swedish innovative capacity, FIM provides an overview of Sweden’s potential as an innovation nation now and in the future. The themes in the book reflect FIM seminars and debates during the period 2004–2007 and are based on interviews and papers by leading experts on innovation in Sweden. These include Ayad Al Saffar, Efva Attling, Leif Johansson, Lars G Josefsson, Margareta Norell Bergendal, Maud Olofsson, Alf Rehn, Lena Treschow Torell, Per Unckel and Thomas Östros. The book concludes with a manifesto aimed at Sweden’s innovation decision-makers.

The Future Of Corporate Governance: The Stockholm Symposium 2004

The debate on corporate governance centers on how the system of shareholders, institutions and regulations should be designed to ensure the greatest possible efficiency and innovation in individual companies and the business sector in general. By simultaneous use of economic theory and law, corporate governance addresses a most vital aspect of the functioning of the market economy. In 1993, CGF arranged an international corporate governance symposium in Stockholm at which some of the world’s foremost thinkers in corporate governance participated. Ten years later, a jubilee seminar was held with virtually the same distinguished speakers, to review the corporate governance timeline during the past decade and to volunteer prognosis on the future. This book contains the proceedings from that seminar.

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