Major events are organized on a yearly basis, in connection with for example the release of a new publication or presentation of new research findings. All events organized by the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation are by invitation only. Some of our latest events are presented below.

The launch of the Intrapreneurship Compass 2019

On November 28th 2019, the third and final edition of the research report Intrapreneurship Compass was launched. This 4-year research project has been carried out by Uppsala University under the leadership of Professor Ivo Zander, Dr. Katarina Blomkvist and Dr. Philip Kappen.

At the launch, the research team emphasized that the project has collected 12,000 observations over the years, which is world-unique data within the area of renewal. The project has sparked debate about the importance of intrapreneurship and identified a way to measure and develop intrapreneurship in both the private and public sectors. The team revealed that the temperature of the green intrapreneurship is lukewarm and that the transition towards green growth and renewal appears as yet another untapped potential. The green transition is considered to be an important board issue, but still falls far behind discussions on future recruitment needs and digitalization in the board rooms.

The results were discussed in a panel debates with Micco Grönholm, Head of Future, Helsingborgs stad, Joakim Ingers, CEO Dialogue Technologies, Stellan Rosenquist, Product Marketing Manager, ABB, Anne Årneby, CEO, Nordic Morning Group, Caroline af Ugglas, Vice president, Svenskt Näringsliv, Gunvor Engström, Chairman, Styrelseakademien, Nina Ekelund, Secretary General, Hagainitiativet and Anna Nilsson-Ehle, Chairman, Vinnova.

Forum for Global Business visits the US to discuss reskilling and the Swedish model

During a few eventful days in November 2019, the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation visited the US to raise discussion on reskilling and the new Swedish model. The author and journalist David Crouch joined the trip to share his research and findings described in his books Bumblebee Nation and Almost Perfekt.

The visit began with a dinner debate in the foundation’s salon dinner concept at the ambassador’s residence in Washington DC. Ambassador Karin Olofsdotter hosted the evening’s discussion on workforce development and reskilling in the age of automation and digitalization. An open seminar was also organized at House of Sweden on the same theme, with David Crouch as keynote speaker and participants from the American Enterprise Institute, Business Sweden, Securitas, and the Brooking Institute.

In NYC, the Scandinavia House hosted a seminar on the topic “The Nordic Model Sweden’s Welfare System & The Future of Work”, and as a grand finale the Consul General of Sweden, Annika Rembe, hosted a round table discussion with members from media, academia and private sectors to discuss David Crouch’s research and findings.

David Crouch also took the time to share his perspective on the future of the Swedish model with students at American University and George Washington University, before ending the tour.

Corporate Governance Forum celebrates 25 years

Since 1993, the Corporate Governance Forum (CGF) has stimulated and influenced the debate on corporate governance and corporate finance in Sweden and internationally. On December 6, 2018, the Forum celebrated its 25th anniversary with a seminar in Stockholm. Based on new research and previously unpublished data, the discussions during the seminar focused on the main topics for the coming years given the developments in the market.

Speakers at the event were Ronald J. Gilson, Marc and Eva Stern Professor of Law and Business at Columbia Law School and Meyers Professor of law and Business emeritus at Stanford Law School, Rolf Skog, Professor of stock market regulation at the University of Gothenburg, Mats Isaksson, Head of the Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance Division at the OECD, Robert Ohlsson, Partner at Nord Advokater, Erik Lidman, CGF, and Serdar Celik, Senior Economist at the OECD.

The launch of the Intrapreneurship Compass 2018

On November 29th 2018, the second edition of the research report Intrapreneurship Compass was launched. This 4-year research project is carried out by Uppsala University under the leadership of Professor Ivo Zander, Dr. Katarina Blomkvist and Dr. Philip Kappen.

At the launch of the report, the research team revealed that the current temperature on the digital intrapreneurship is too low in order for Sweden to remain in the forefront of the digital transformation. Innovation and competitiveness require a change in attitude towards risk, in particular management’s attitude towards high-risk projects with potentially high returns. The report shows a decrease in risk taking compared to last year, despite the current boom in Swedish economy. It also reveals that women are underrepresented among digital intrapreneurs and that the public sector and rural areas are lagging behind in the digital transformation.

The results were discussed in a panel debate with Henrik Byström, Microsoft, Kristofer Klerfalk, Co-creation Health, Peter Eriksson, Minister of Digitalization (MP), Daniel Forslund, Commisioner for Innovation, SSL (L) and Katrien Vanhaverbeke, SKL.

The launch of Bumblebee Nation

In August 2018, in the midst of an ongoing election debate, the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation launched the book Bumblebee Nation – the hidden story of the new Swedish model. At the well-attended press event the author of the book David Crouch, former Prime Minister Göran Persson and former Minister of Finance Anders Borg, discussed key issues for Sweden’s future competitiveness and the development of the Swedish model.

An additional launch event was arranged with a focus on the challenges facing the Swedish model and how the image of Sweden internationally is influenced by negative writing and fake news. Three international voices shared their thoughts and experiences during the evening; author David Crouch, investor and entrepreneur Jane Walerud and Paul Rapacioli, author of the book Good Sweden, Bad Swedenand founder of the news site The Local.

The launch of the Intrapreneurship Compass 2017

On November 14th 2017, the first report about the Intrapreneurship Compass was launched. This 4-year research project is carried out by Uppsala University under the leadership of Professor Ivo Zander, Dr. Katarina Blomkvist and Dr. Philip Kappen. The research aims to increase knowledge about intrapreneurship in order to strengthen renewal at companies in Sweden. Among other things, the team encourages a higher degree of risk-taking, a greater openness to new ideas, as well as a need for more female intrapreneurs. The Intrapreneurship Compass gives organizations a tool to measure and develop their intrapreneurial climate.

The important role of the intraprenuer and how to create a more favorable intrapreneurial climate was discussed during the launch by Caroline af Ugglas, Vice President at Svenskt Näringsliv, Günther Mårder, CEO of the Swedish Federation of Business Owners, Jennie Nilsson, Chair of The Committee on Industry and Trade, Emil Källström, economic policy spokesperson (C), Mats Persson, economic policy spokesperson (L), and intrapreneurs from the business sector.

Book launch Miljardvallen

In January 2017, Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation invited to the launch of the new book Miljardvallen (The Billion Frontier) published by Forum for Global Business. In the book, ten Swedish companies share the experience of their export successes with the aim to inspire increased internationalization among SMEs.
Four of these entrepreneurs appeared for interviews at the launch: Fredrik Wester, founder and CEO of Paradox Interactive; Gudrun Sjödén, founder and CEO of Gudrun Sjödén; Ulf Bergkvist, CEO of Bergkvist-Insjön; Torbjörn Kronander, CEO of Sectra.

During the seminar, Bettina Kashefi (Chief Economist, The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise), Günter Mårder (CEO of the Swedish Federation of Business Owners), Lena Sellgren (Chief Economist. Business Sweden), Anna Stellinger (Director-general, National Board of Trade Sweden), and Enrico Deiaco (Dept. Director, Growth Analysis) participated.
Thomas Malmer, Forum for Global Business, presented additional conclusions on how corporate internationalization can expand in the form of a seven-point manifesto, which is also published in the book. Minister for Trade Ann Linde concluded the seminar by speaking about the government’s work to promote internationalization of expanding companies.

Innovation Utopia

In February 2013, Forum for Innovation Management invited key players and thought leaders from the Swedish innovation system to the foundation’s biggest event so far, Innovation Utopia. During an inspiring evening at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Innovation Utopia was discussed: How can Innovation Utopia – a world-class innovation climate capturing the full potential of its individuals – be created?

The audience took part of interviews with global thought leaders giving their views on Innovation Utopia and also had the chance to contribute with their own ideas. On stage during the evening were, among many others, Anna Ekström, Director General of the Swedish National Agency for Education, Johan Wendt, founder of Mattcentrum, Jane Walerud, investor and entrepreneur, as well as Shai Reshef, founder of the University of the People.