Forum for Global Business visits the US to discuss reskilling and the Swedish model

November 16, 2019

During a few eventful days in November 2019, the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation visited the US to raise discussion on reskilling and the new Swedish model. The author and journalist David Crouch joined the trip to share his research and findings described in his books Bumblebee Nation and Almost Perfekt.

The visit began with a dinner debate in the foundation’s salon dinner concept at the ambassador’s residence in Washington DC. Ambassador Karin Olofsdotter hosted the evening’s discussion on workforce development and reskilling in the age of automation and digitalization. An open seminar was also organized at House of Sweden on the same theme, with David Crouch as keynote speaker and participants from the American Enterprise Institute, Business Sweden, Securitas, and the Brooking Institute.

The Nordic Model: Sweden’s Welfare System & Future of Work

In NYC, the Scandinavia House hosted a seminar on the topic “The Nordic Model Sweden’s Welfare System & The Future of Work”, and as a grand finale the Consul General of Sweden, Annika Rembe, hosted a round table discussion with members from media, academia and private sectors to discuss David Crouch’s research and findings.

David Crouch also took the time to share his perspective on the future of the Swedish model with students at American University and George Washington University, before ending the tour.

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