ACTIVITIES 2000 – 2021

Date Format & Topic Speakers
2020-10-07 Salon debate:
Ett utvecklat innovationsstöd vid universitet och högskolor
Alf Karlsson, särskild utredare, Fredrik Hörstedt, Vicerektor för nyttiggörande, Chalmers tekniska högskola, Viktoria Mattsson, Chef Samverkan, externfinansiering och innovation, Luleå tekniska universitet
2020-01-27 The Future of University Education Introductions:
• Banny Banerjee, Director of ChangeLabs, Stanford University
• Lars Strannegård, President, Stockholm School of Economics
• Mikolaj Norek, FIM
2019-11-27 Framtid@Sverige? Introductions:
• Karin Pettersson, Director of Public Policy, Schibsted. Författare av bl.a.
“Internet är trasigt”
• Maja Fjaestad, Statssekreterare, Socialdepartementet
• David Behar, Ministerråd, Frankrikes Ambassad i Sverige
2019-05-21 How to manage intangible assets in case of insolvency? Among others with Martin Natt och Dag (Ericsson), Mathias Winge (Winge), Malin Mohr (IVA), Andreas Iwerbäck (Husqvarna), Karl Björlin (Cirio)
2019-03-14 The Paris Peace Forum, a global arena for global governance? Together with France’s Ambassador to Sweden, David Cvach, we invited representatives of the Swedish Innovation Ecosystem to an exclusive lunch seminar. Justin Vaïsse, managing director of the Paris Peace Forum.
2019-02-04 Swedish National Innovation Council. Then. Now. Tomorrow? Opener
• Darja Isaksson, former commissioner National innovation council, GD Vinnova
• Jane Walerud, former commissioner National innovation council, business angel
• Oskar Thorslund, former chief secretary, National innovation council
• Sylvia Schwaag Serger, Pro rector, Lund University and author of the report ‘National Research & Innovation Councils as an Instrument of Innovation Governance’
2019-01-31 The Startup Model for Politics? Introductions:
• Josef Lentsch, Founder NEOS Lab (Vienna) & Managing Partner ‘The Innovation
in Politics Institute’, Germany
• Daniel Sachs, CEO Proventus and Initiator of ‘Höj Rösten’ (Raise your voice)
• Michael Wernstedt, Co-Founder and Party Leader of Initiativet Sweden, former Executive Director of the Raoul Wallenberg Academy
• Anette Novak, Director General at The Swedish Media Council
2018-11-20 The innovation journey’s alternative exploitation opportunities Among others with Öhman Christina (Rise), Charlott Galant (PRV), Björn Weigel, Christian Lindell (Axholme)
2018-11-14 Make America Innovative Again? •Anne Lidgård, Director, VINNOVAs Silicon Valley, 2012–2018
• Andreas Larsson, office manager and research and innovation council, Washington DC, 2014–2018
2018-09-13–14 2-day expert visit and Seminar with a delegation from the National Innovation Agency of Thailand
2018-05-31 Investors’ business model in a changing world: is there a complement to equity financing? Among others with Jane Walerud, Anette Novak (Rise), Anne Lidgård (Vinnova), Lisa Ericsson (KTH Innovation)
2018-04-16 100 – 10 – 1: where do the other 9 end up? Opening remarks by Sofie Lindblom, Founder/CEO Ideation 360, and Anette Novak, Media Strategist
2018-04-09 To further develop innovation policy – How can policy processes be better adapted to our fast-moving times? Speakers:
• Charlotte Brogren, former GD Vinnova
• Carl Rosén, Ministerial Council and Head of Department at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation
• Christian Ketels, former Harvard Business School, now Chief Economist, Boston Consulting Group
• Alexander Crawford
2018-03-26 ’Born global’ businesses: Overhyped or hope for the future? Speakers:
• Magnus Henrekson, CEO at IFN
• Louise Johannesson, researcher at IFN
• Ulrika Cederskog Sundling, Executive Vice President, Invest & Region Sweden at Business Sweden
• Joakim Stymne, GD at SCB
• Torun Nilsson
2018-01-18 Innovation lab for social development – How do we develop policy with people at the centre? Speakers:
• Stéphane Vincent, CEO ‘La 27e Région’
• Darja Isaksson, member National innovation council
• Adrian Solitander, works with public innovation at Vinnova
• Pia McAleenan head of operation at Förnyelselabbet
• Åsa Minoz
2017-11-10 The emerging entrepreneurship and innovation landscape in China Speakers:
• Mr Zeng Fang, entrepreneur and investor, chairman of Di Heng Investment Company, Member of National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and publisher of ‘Scientific Chinese’ magazine.
• Mr Zhu Lei, China MBA Development Forum, social entrepreneur in sustainable development and post-disaster reconstruction.
• Mrs Sun Yan, investor and entrepreneur, Co-Founder Taiyou Investment Company and Taiyi Fund; Deputy Secretary General in National Young Entrepreneurs Association
• Alexander Crawford
2017-10-19 Building an Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystem – What can Stockholm learn from Sydney? Opener:
• Nick Kaye, former CEO of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES), Founding CEO of Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE)
2017-10-10 Innovation and board work – What is the role of the board when it comes to leading and organizing innovation? Opener:
• Ramsay Brufer, in charge of ownership at Alecta
• Liselotte Hägertz Engstam, professional board member doing research on innovation at board level
• Professor Mats Magnusson with focus on product innovation at KTH
• Jessica Stark, CEO at Styrelseakademien in Stockholm
2017-05-17 What can Swedish government agencies learn from NASA? – Are innovation competitions a way to understand innovation Opener:
• Jeffrey R. Davis, founder and CEO of Exploring 4 Solutions; former Director, Human Health and Performance and Chief Medical Officer NASA
• Kathryn E. Keeton, founder and CEO of Minerva Work Solutions, in charge of developing NASA’s internal innovation process NASA@Work
2017-04-19 Small countries, big aspirations – Climate goals and policies that inspire and show the way Opener:
• Dr Anat Bonshtien, Chairman and Director of the Fuel Choices and smart mobility Initiative (
• Mattias Goldmann, CEO Fores
2017-03-07 Reaching New Markets – Is licensing the way to succeed with more innovations? Opener:
• Anna Kinberg Batra, Party Leader Moderaterna and party fellow of Gun Hellsvik
• Eskil Ullberg, Adjunct Professor, George Mason University, USA
• Martin Karlsson Natt och Dag, IP counsel, Ericsson
• Marianne Levin, Professor, University of Stockholm
• Danielle Lewensohn, Researcher, Karolinska Institutet
2017-01-03 Talent Attraction in Qatar and Sweden. A comparison Opener:
• Dr Munir Tag, Director, Information and Communication Technology, Qatar National Research Fund
• Marc Dacier, Research Director, Qatar Computing Research Institute
2016-12-12 The End of the Innovation Road? Speakers:
• Frederik Erixon and Björn Weigel, Authors of ‘The Innovation Illusion’
• Alexander Crawford
2016-11-21 Swedish Innovation Fellowship Speakers:
• Donnie Lygonis, KTH
• Mikolaj Norek, FIM
2016-05-10 The next unbundling – emergence of global innovation value chains • Stephen Ezell, Vice President, Global Innovation Policy, ITIF (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation), Washington DC
• Andreas Larsson, head of office, Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis (Tillväxtanalys), Washington DC
2016-03-17 ‘Down Under’ system practices for ‘Up North’ – What can Sweden learn from the Chief Scientist & Engineer of New South Wales? Speaker:
• Mary O’Kane, NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer and recent Australia Day Honours recipient.
• Mikolaj Norek, FIM
2015-12-03 How is knowledge developed in national business policy? Opening remarks by, among others: Dan Hjalmarsson, former GD The Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis
Moderator: Alexander Crawford
2015-11-25 ‘University with focus on innovation – MIT’
A FIM Home-coming Seminar
Speaker: Peter Svensson, Vinnova
Moderator: Mikolaj Norek, FIM
2015-11-02 FIM Workshop Innovation Council development in connection with the launch of the report ‘National Research and Innovation Councils as an Instrument of Innovation Governance’ Participants:
• Anna Sandström, AstraZeneca
• Carl Jeding, The Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis
• Charles Edquist, Circle & member of Sweden’s Innovation council
• Erik Arnold , Technopolis Group
• Erik Fahlbeck, Swedish Government Offices, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation
• Johanna Palmberg, Entreprenörskapsforum
• Karin Agerman, Uppsala Bio
• Lotta Liljelund, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, National innovation council

• Magnus Härviden, Ministry of Education and Research

• Mikolaj Norek, FIM
• Sylvia Schwaag Serger, Vinnova
• Tomas Malmer, Precipia
• Tor Bonnier, Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation

2015-04-20 Innovation Council – how will it contribute to innovation in Sweden? • Per Molander, GD The Social Insurance Inspection, author and consultant in poliytical policy matters
• Monica Lindstedt, Entrepreneur, chairperson Hemfrid and Företagarna
• Ola Asplund, Senior Advisor IF Metall, member of Innovation council
• Jane Walerud, serial entrepreneur (e.g., Bluetail and Klarna). CEO, Teclo Networks AG. Innovation council member
• Moderator: Thomas Malmer
2015-03-23 Research and Innovation bill 2012 – Are there any learnings for new bill in 2016 • Pontus Braunerhjelm, Research leader Entreprenörskapsforum
• Maria Khorsand, CEO SP
• Tobias Krantz, manager, education, research and innovation, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
• Karin Röding, Vice-chancellor Mälardalen University
• Moderator: Thomas Malmer
2014-12-01 Sweden in the global competition for innovative people and companies Speakers: Sam Pitroda, Former Advisor to the Prime Minister of India, Manuel Trajtenberg, Chairman of Planning and Budgeting of Israeli’ Higher Education, Roberto dos Reis Alvarez, Analysis and Strategic Projects Manager, Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development. Moderator: Mikolaj Norek, FIM
2014-11-05 The role of intellectual property in the innovation system Speakers: Peter Strömbäck, Investigator and General Director at Swedac, Roger Svensson, Associate Professor IFN, Sophia Annergård The Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis, Thomas Randes, CEO, IPQ IP Specialists AB, Darja Isaksson, Founder, Ziggy Creative Colony, Susanne Ås Sivborg, GD, PRV. Moderator: Sara Modig, ModigMinoz
2014-07-03 Innovation strategy for Sweden – What measures are needed to secure Sweden’s future innovation power? – Almedalen, Hotell Clarion Opening: Tor Bonnier, Chairman, Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation, Johan Öberg, Senior Partner and Managing Director BCG Stockholm, Panel: Annika Lundius, Vice President, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Anna Ryott, CEO, Swedfund, Christian Ketels, Harvard Business School, Sara Öhrvall, board member and former manager of R&D, Bonnier, Niklas Wykman, political expert, Ministry of Finance, Anneli Hulthén, Municipal council and chairman, the City Council of Gothenburg. Moderator: Mia Odabas
2014-05-27 FIM Innovation Council Council Members: Mats Andersson, CEO, 4e AP-fonden, Tor Bonnier, Chairman, Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation, Henrik Borelius, CEO, Attendo, Helen Dannetun, Vice-chancellor, Linköping University, Börje Ekholm, CEO, Investor, Pär Hedberg, CEO, STING, Staffan Helgesson, General partner, Creandum, Henrik Ljungberg, Partner, The Boston Consulting Group, Monica Lindstedt, Founder, Hemfrid, Mikolaj Norek, Forum Manager, FIM , Hans-Olov Olsson, Vice chairperson, Volvo Personvagnar, Anna Ryott, CEO, Swedfund, Göran Sandberg, Acting board member, Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Eugen Steiner, Partner, Health Cap, Jane Walerud, Serial entrepreneur and business angel, Johan Öberg, Senior Partner, The Boston Consulting Group, Sara Öhrvall, Board member and former Manager of R&D, Bonnier
2014-05-07 Industry-driven Cooperation for Innovation Speakers: Curt J. Winnen, CEO, Munich Network, Germany, Johan Strömqvist, Ph.D., CEO Singletechnologies, Stockholm, Jenny Gustafsson, Investment Manager, Saab Ventures, Bengt-Åke Älgevik, Chairman, Coach & Capital, Magnus Rehn, Business Coach, STING (Stockholm Innovation & Growth). Moderator: Thomas Malmer, Percipia
2013-11-06 Competing for Entrepreneurs Speakers: Prof. Yesha Sivan, Executive Director of The Coller Institute of Venture, Tel Aviv University, Ulla Hamilton, ‎Deputy Mayor Stockholm, Horacio Melo, Executive Director, Start-up Chile, Dovydas Varkulevicius, Director of Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Lithuania, Fredrik Sand, Policy Analyst, Stockholm Chambers of Commerce, Gustav Borgefalk, Co-Founder, Magnus Lundin, CEO, Swedish Science Parks and Incubators. Moderator: Mikolaj Norek, FIM
2013-09-19 Why Nations Fail. A Matter of Innovation? Speakers: James Robinson, David Florence, Professor of Government at Harvard University. Moderator: Mikolaj Norek, FIM
2013-05-20 Is the invention lost in innovation? Speakers: Per Frankelius and Charlotte Norrman, Linköping University, Andreas Uhmeier, Manager Innovation counselling, Almi Företagspartner, Kjell Håkan Närfelt, Chief strategist, Vinnova, Peter Larsson, Director of Social Policy, Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers. Moderator: Mikolaj Norek, FIM
2013-02-11 Innovation Utopia at the Royal Theatre ‘Dramaten’ Speakers: Prologue: ‘Sweden Today’, Christian Ketels, Harvard Business School, Björn Annwall, McKinsey, Emil Görnerup, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. The role of the individual: Anna Ekström, GD, Swedish National Agency for Education, Johan Wendt, Founder, Mattecentrum, Martin Ingvar, Professor, Karolinska Institutet, Rolf Wolff, Vice-chancellor, Stockholm School of Economics, Göran Sandberg, CEO, Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Shai Reshef, Founder, University of the People: ‘The Role of Education for Global Development’. The role of companies: Erik Ingelsson, member, Young Academy of Sweden, Jane Walerud, Entrepreneur and Investor, Ingrid Petersson, former AstraZeneca, David Sonnek, Head of Venture Capital, SEB. The role of politics: Thorvaldur Gylfason, Professor, University of Iceland, Thomas Myrup Kristensen, Head of Policy, Facebook, Lisa Emelia Svensson, Ministry of the Environment, Stefan Fölster, CEO, Reform Institute. Moderator: Mia Odabas, Financial journalist
2012-09-04 Innovation Strategies for Competitiveness – What are the policies behind Israel’s success and what can we learn from them? Speaker: Mina Goldiak, Deputy Chief Scientist, Israel. Moderator: Mikolaj Norek, FIM
2012-07-04 Cracking the Code of Innovation Hotspots – learning from 18,000 start-ups Speakers: Björn Hermann, Founder Startup Genome Project, San Francisco, Heinz Fiedler, President of the Berlin-based SPICE Group, Berlin, Carl Jeding, Head of the Beijing Office and Science Counsellor at the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis (Tillväxtanalys). Moderator: Anders Nilsson, Innovationsbron, Mikolaj Norek, FIM.
2012-06-04 Taking stock of where we are – The OECD’s review of Sweden’s Innovation Policy Speakers: Sara Modig, Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, Gernot Hutschenreiter, OECD, Michael Keenan, OECD, Alistair Nolan, OECD, Michael Stampfer, Wiener Wissenschafts-, Forschungs- und Technologiefonds. Moderator: Mia Odabas, Financial Journalist
2012-03-13 Academy and Business: two incompatible grandeurs? Speakers: Anders Flodström, Investigator and EIT Vice-Chairman Executive Committee, Emil Görnerup, Senior Advisor, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Eva Wigren, Manager Technology and Environment, Association of Swedish Engineering Industries, Pontus de Laval, CTO Saab, Pär Omling, Senior Advisor Lund Universitet, td GD Swedish Research Council, Professor. Moderator: Thomas Malmer, Percipa strategy and communication
2011-12-06 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education, Nedre Manilla Speakers: Professor Dan Shechtman – 2011 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Maud Olofsson – Former Minister of Enterprise and Energy, Anders Flodström – Former University Chancellor an d Head of the Swedish national Agency for higher education, Karin Markides – President Chalmers University of Technology, Martin Schuurmans – Founding Chairman of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology Governing Board. Moderator: Mikolaj Norek – Forum Manager, FIM
2011-10-27 Innovation in banking services Speakers: Joakim de Leeuw – former Head of Internet Department at Avanza Bank, Per-Olof Söderberg – Chairman of Söderberg & Partners, Pedro Oliveira – Associate Professor at School of Business and Economics, Lisboa, Mats Torstendahl – SEB Head of Retail Banking and Member of the Group’s Executive Committee. Moderator: Mia Odabas – Financial Journalist
2011-06-13 Contracting for Innovation (in cooperation with Corporate Governance Forum) Speakers: Ronald Gilson – Meyers Professor of Law and Business (Stanford Law School) and Stern Professor of Law and Business (Columbia Law School), Magnus Henrekson, CEO Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN), Rima Qureshi -Senior Vice President Ericsson. Moderator: Mikolaj Norek – Forum Manager, FIM
2011-02-24 Immigration for Innovation. What are the future effects? Speakers: David A. Jaeger – University of New York & Cologne, Benny Carlson- Lund University, Bo Sundin- Chairman Rinkeby-Kista district committee, Rahma Dirie – district committee Rinkeby-Kista, Moderator: Maria Rankka – CEO, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
2010-11-30 Small Business Innovation in Sweden – what are the pros and cons of a SBIR program? Speakers: Fergus Harradence – Deputy Director, Innovation Policy, UK Department for Business, Björn O. Nilsson – President Kungliga Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien /Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science, André P. Roos – Program manager SBIR, Directorate General for Enterprise and Innovation, The Netherlands. Moderator: Sharon Jåma – Journalist.
2010-10-28 Why are Swedish growth companies being sold abroad? Speakers: Dan Hjalmarsson – GD The Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis, Lars Öjefors – former CEO Industrifonden, Måns Hultman – former CEO and Board Director QlikTech, Hjalmar Windbladh – Founder Sendit. Moderator: Ulrika Stuart Hamilton – CEO Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum
2010-08-18 Brain Circulation Speakers: AnnaLee Saxenian – Berkeley. Moderator: Ivo Zander
2010-04-14 What is required for public innovation procurement to work? Speakers: Ann-Mari Fineman – VINNOVA, Hans Jeppsson – public investigator, Christer Johansson – Gustavsberg AB, Ragnar Lindholm – Primona AB. Moderator: Bo Nordlin – Editor in Chief Upphandling24
2010-02-23 The cost of Competence – Seminar dedicated to Karl-Adam Bonnier. Speakers: Matias Bonnier – KAS, Louis Bonnier – KAS, Gunnar Nord – Nord & Company, Mats Isaksson – OECD, Sven-Ivan Sundqvist, Tor Bonnier – FIM, Lars Jagrén – Företagarna, Anna-Carin Månsson – Business angel Theia, Jon Karlung – entrepreneur Bahnhof. Moderator: Susanna Popova
2009-11-11 Input to the Strategic Innovation Plan of the EU – an International Comparative Outlook. Speakers: S.K Brahmachari – Director General Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in India, J. Chiang – Visiting Professor Peking University and former President of Motorola China, L. Gong – Chairman Mozilla Online China and former General Manager at Microsoft China, J-N Durvy – Acting Director of the EU Directorate D:”Innovation Policy”, T. Krantz – Minister for Higher Education and Research in Sweden, A. Kinberg Batra – Chair of the Riksdag Committee on European Union Affairs, S. Schwaag-Serger – Director of International Network and Collaboration at the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA).
2009-09-23 Global recession – opportunity or threat to regional development in Sweden? The seminar was dedicated to Per Eriksson as thanks for his great commitment as GD at VINNOVA. Speakers: Henry Etzkoxitz – professor Stanford University, Bengt-Åke Lundvall – professor Ålborg University. Panel: Pontus de Laval – Technological Director SAAB Group, Per Eriksson – Vice-chancellor Lund University, Magnus Ernström – project leader Region Gävleborg, Ulla Grönlund – business manager Västerbotten, Mats Williams – CEO Paper Province Värmland. Moderator: Enrico Deiaco – KTH.
2009-06-10 Service innovations – a paradigm shift? Speakers: Magnus Henrekson – CEO Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Lena Gustafsson- temp GD VINNOVA, Tommy Bergqvist – founder Strategic Management Institute, Henrik Borelius – CEO Attendo AB, Bengt Stillström- Founder Traction AB. Moderator: Martin Ahlquist – Editor in Chief FOKUS
2009-06-10 New proposal for innovations and entrepreneurship – Sweden’s future Speakers: Jan-Olle Folkesson – Government investigator, Peter Strömbäck – CEO Innovationsbron AB, Anna-Stina Nordmark Nilsson – CEO Företagarna, Anna Hallberg -Vice CEO Almi Företagspartner. Moderator: Ulf Wickbom – Freelance journalist.
2009-02-04 Doing business with ideas – 200 entrepreneurs on patents, trademarks and design protection. Speakers: Eva Jarnvall, – in charge of copyright, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Panel: Peter Honeth – Department of Education, Jöran Hägglund – Undersecretary, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Anders Hall – Chief of Staff, Ministry of Justice. Moderator: Patrik Peter – Freelance journalist, SVT and SR.
2008-11-27 Uppsala’s innovation system – from fragmentation to collection. Is it the right path? Speakers: Tomas Nygren, CEO and Regional Director Innovationsbron AB, Per Frankelius, innovation researcher Örebro University. Panel: Curt Nilsson, CEO Stiftelsen Stuns, Gisela Sitbon, Vice Regional Director Innovationsbron AB, Lars-Erik Larsson, temp. Prefect Uppsala University, Innovation, Christer Heinegård, former vice-chancellor SLU. Moderator: Patrik Peter, freelance journalist and SVT.
2008-10-02 New Growth Theory – the policy implications for Sweden Speakers: Paul Romer, professor Stanford University. Moderator: Magnus Henrekson. Location: The Nobel Museum.
2008-08-26 Lecture with subsequent question time for research managers and innovation managers, The phenomenon of ‘user innovation’, Overview of different approaches to understanding ‘user innovation’, introduction of a specific method: the lead user method. Speakers: Marion Pötz, PhD, Copenhagen Business School, Christoph Hienerth, PhD, Copenhagen Business School.
2008-06-04 Release party for the book ‘Ur startblocken’. The book was handed over to Peter Honeth. Moderator: Pontus Schultz, Interviewing writers: Anna-Stina Nordmark Nilsson, Henrik Borelius, Christian Berggren. Arranged jointly with Veckans Affärer
2008-05-26 Elimination of the audit obligation, reduction of the share capital requirement and other rule changes – how do they affect the business climate? Speakers: Bo Svensson, former justice of the court, chair of the report on the duty to audit, Carl Svernlöv, attorney, investigators on the issue of simpler rules for private corporations, Gunvor Engström, CEO Bank 2, former CEO Företagarna, Dan Brännström, secretary general FAR SRS, Moderator: Ronald Fagerfjäll, freelance journalist and editorial writer DI. Joint arrangement with CGF.
2008-04-15 Round table talk about Hammarby Sjöstad as an unused resource for Stockholm’s innovative ability. Speakers: Lars Fränne, project leader Hammarby Sjöstad, Folke Snickars, Dean, KTH, Jonas Törnblom, Envac, Lars Eklund Vinnova.
2008-02-20 Round table talk about the innovative capacity of the Stockholm region. 1) What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Stockholm region? 2) What obstacles or opportunities can the region itself affect? 3) Do you have any suggestions for activities that could increase the innovation capacity of the Stockholm region?

Participants: Per Unckel, Tor Bonnier, Pontus Braunerhjelm, Per Eriksson, Mats Ershammar, Anders Flodström, Karin Forseke, Magnus Henrekson, Kjell Jegefors, Anna Kinberg Batra, Svante Lindqvist, Berit Pettersson, Folke Snickars, Peter Svensson, Örjan Sölvell, Björn Varnestig

2007-11-01 Workshop with Eric von Hippel, prof MIT. Participants: Tor Bonnier, FIM, Peter Svensson FIM, Peter Holmstedt, CEO Ireco, Göran Marklund, Vinnova, Oskar Thorslund, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Michael Jacob, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Anders Flodström, University Chancellor, Pontus Braunerhjelm, Globaliseringsrådet, Anders Richtnér, SSES, Judit Weibull, Globaliseringsrådet.
2007-10-17 The significance of the patent today and in 20 years – an international overview in a future perspective, a seminar in Gun Hellsvik’s name. Speakers: Eva Jarnvall, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Gun Hellsvik, former Minister of Justice, former GD PRV, Carl Josefsson, undersecretary, Ove Granstrand, professor Gothenburg, investigator connected to Stanford. Moderator: Henrik Borgström, journalist. Arranged jointly with Svenska Uppfinareföreningen.
2007-08-29 The university in an economy of knowledge. Speakers: Anders Flodström, University Chancellor, Ulf Petrusson, professor, Chalmers. Moderator: Patrik Peter, freelance journalist for, e.g., SVT and SR.
2007-04-18 Innovation and job opportunities – What should the government do? Speakers: Maud Olofsson, Minister for Enterprise and Energy, Per Eriksson GD Vinnova, Peter Holmstedt, CEO, Innovationsbron Peter Nygårds, CEO Swedbank, Maria Rankka, debater and CEO Timbro.
2007-02-21 What space is given to innovation in Swedish business press? Speakers:  Sven Löfqvist, CEO Micronic, Pontus Schultz, Editor in Chief, Veckans Affärer, Jon Åsberg, Editor in Chief, Affärsvärlden. Moderator: Patrik Peter, freelance journalist for, e.g., SVT and SR.
2006-11-07 China and the United States, A technical-industrial view outside Sweden’s borders. Speakers: Magnus Breidne, technical attaché in Beijing, Magnus Härviden, technical attaché in Washington.  Moderator: Lars Ilshammar
2006-10-25 How do industries emerge? Implications for policymakers, businesses and entrepreneurs Speakers: James M Utterback, MIT professor, Author of ‘Mastering the Innovation Dynamics’, Anders Brännström, CEO Volvo Technology Transfer, Björn Brandt, Deputy Managing Director of SSF.
2006-08-27 Tax relief for stimulating entrepreneurship – investigation, referral responses and counter proposals Speakers: Leif Gäverth – County court clerk and special investigator, Sven-Olof Lodin – professor, Carl Bennet – industrialist. Moderator: Patricia Hedelius. Panel: Cecilia Gunne, tax attorney, Jan Edling, Vinnova.
2006-05-29 Taxes – Business – Entrepreneurship, Rhetoric or Reality! Speakers: Cecilia Gunne, tax attorney, Burenstam & Partners, Sven Olof Lodin, professor, finance- and tax rights, former tax expert at Näringslivet, Tom Berggren, CEO Riskkapitalföreningen, Magnus Henrekson, professor, CEO Industrins Utredningsinstitut. Moderator: Cecilia Gunne
2006-05-17 User-Driven Innovation. Panel discussion at Nedre Manilla. Speakers: Per Unckel, Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers Secretariat, Eric von Hippel, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Janus Krarup, Deputy Director, Danish National Agency for Enterprise and Construction, Margareta Norell Bergendahl, Vice President at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, Martin Hörnqvist, Global Director consumer insights, Electrolux – TBC. Moderator: Ivo Zander, Professor at Department of Business, Uppsala University. In cooperation with The Nordic Council of Ministers.
2006-04-05 Business development through public procurement – an opportunity for companies in Sweden? Speakers: Sven-Erik Österberg, municipality and finance minister, Staffan Näsström, COO, FMV, Nils Knutsson, marketing manager Tieto Enator, Rolf Höök, university lector Stockholm University, Moderator: Kalle Krall, CEO Affärskoncept AB, educator, procurer, consultant.
2006-01-25 Raising capital through listing – has the regulations become too strict? Speakers: Anna-May Wester, CEO Kopparberg, Patrik Tigerschiöld, CEO Skanditek, Patrik Engellau, CEO Aktietorget, Fredrik Ljung, listing manager NGM, Anders Ackebo, Head of Listing and Supervision, Stockholm Stock Exchange. Moderator: Caroline Sundewall, journalist and board member of, e.g., Electrolux, Haldex, Telia Sonera.
2005-12-08 Designed innovation or innovative design? Design as a creative force. Speakers: Robin Edman, CEO Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, SVID, Bengt-Arne Vedin, professor of Innovation Management at Mälardalen University, Dominic Power, associate professor of Ekonomic Geography at Uppsala University. Moderator: Bengt Stillström, chairperson Traction AB
2005-09-13 Innovation journalism in Sweden – about the relationship between journalism and innovation. Speakers: Weje Sandén, Editor in Chief for Veckans Affärer. Jan Sandred, Founder Biotech Sweden, Innovation Journalism Fellow 2004 at San Francisco Chronicle, Kay Glans, Editor in Chief Axess. Moderators: Mats Svegfors, governor, former Editor in Chief SvD, chair for Innovationsjournalistik, David Nordfors, Founder and program leader for Innovationsjournalistik, Senior Research Scholar at Stanford University and special advisor for GD, Vinnova.
2005-05-25 Does Venture Cup contribute to increased entrepreneurship in Sweden? A research study on the first five years of Venture Cup. Speakers: Annika Billström, Financial Council in Stockholm, Kristian Axelsson, Founderav Icomera AB. Participated in Venture Cup Väst 98/99. Presenter: Magnus Klofsten, professor and manager of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Linköping University. Johan Wiklund, professor of entrepreneurship at Jönköping International Business School. Moderator: Fabian af Petersen, financial journallist and communications consultant.
2005-05-02 Debate regarding the research proposal. What impressions will the bill make in the innovation system? Speakers: Sven-Eric Söder, undersecretary Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Lars-Göran Rosengren, CEO Volvo Technology Anders Flodström, professor, Vice-chancellor KTH Johan Carlsten, vice rector Chalmers.
2005-03-09 The conversion of the defence industry – retreat or attack? Speakers: Anders Svärd, expert and former member of parliament, Defence Ministry, Ulf Pettersson, Head of Geopolitical and Strategic Analysis, Group Staff Strategy SAAB AB, Staffan Näsström, Operational Manager Production, Swedish Defence Material Agency, Hampus Delin, Head of Business Development, SWE-DISH Satellite Systems AB. Moderator: Jan-Olov Johansson, science radio, Sveriges Radio P1.
2005-01-20 To help or not to help, that is the question – how does innovation support affect companies? A preview of the first Venture Cup evaluation. Speakers: Magnus Klofsten, professor and director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Linköping University. Johan Wiklund, professor of business administration with a focus on entrepreneurship at Jönköping International School of Business. Moderator: Per-Olof Berg, CEO Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. Discussants of the first results of the study: Claes de Neergaard, chair of the Third AP Fund and forms the negotiating minister’s business of a system for early-stage market supplementary venture capital. Carin Holmquist, professor of entrepreneurship at Stockholm School of Economics and board member of ALMI. Johan Stael von Holstein, Founder of Icon Media Lab and CEO Icube.
2004-11-25 Science-based Innovations in Sweden – First Impressions from Stanford Scholars Speakers: Richard N. Zare, Marguerite Blake Wilbur Professor in Natural Science at Stanford University, Dr Ellen Levy Masters and PhD from Stanford, has served on over 10 advisory boards and boards of Silicon-Valley based technology companies, Jon Guice, PhD, is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Moderator: Maria Borelius. (Arranged jointly with Vinnova.)
2004-09-15 ’Technology vs biotechnology’ Speakers: Per Frankelius, researcher and secretary general at SOU Innovative processes, Lars Gatenbeck, CEO of H&B Capital and forms hospital director Karolinska Hospital, Mikael Karlsson, Founder and chair of Axis Communication, Lars Öjefors, Industrifonden. Moderator: Pernilla Ström.
2004-04-01 Swedish Innovation Force: The vision must be stronger than the resistance. Book presentation at the Wenner-Gren Center. Speakers: Tor Bonnier, chair FIM, Pär Nuder, Minister for Coordination, who also received the book, Michael Treschow, Ericsson Chairman and Vice Chairman Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Birgitta Böhlin, former GD FMV, CEO Samhall. Moderator: Peter Malmqvist.
2004-02-19 From Pharmacia land to farmland? Speakers: Kai Hammerich, GD Invest in Sweden Agency. Chairperson Nutek, Erna Möller, acting chair at the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, member of the Nobel committee, Björn Nilsson, CEO Karo Bio AB, Chairperson SwedenBIO.
2003-11-05 Should innovations be taxed? Speakers: Göran Johnsson, Metall, Magnus Henrekson, School of Economics, Per Eriksson, Vinnova.
2003-10-01 Responsibility of the capital market for the innovation economy. Speakers: Gunnar Lund, Deputy Minister of Finance, Ingrid Bonde, Financial Supervisory Authority, Carl Bennet, Getinge, Boliden, Elanders, Patrik Engellau, Aktietorget, Bengt Hellström, Third AP Fund. (Collaboration with the Corporate Governance Forum.)
2003-05-27 Capitals of Innovation in the Baltic Sea Region. Speakers: Hans Wigzell, Karolinska Institutet, Leif Lindmark, School of Economics, Per Belfrage, Medicon Valley Academy (Öresund region), Göran Streifert, Öresund University, Natalie P. Ivashenko, Moscow State University, Matti Pursula, Helsinki Technical University, Mats Hellström, Governor, Per Olof Berg, SSES. (Joint arrangement with SSES)
2003-05-06 Corporate entrepreneurship – country specific? Speakers: Shaker Zahra, Babson College, USA, Harry Frank, ABB Corporate Research, Lars Öjefors, Industrifonden.
2003-02-10 Innovation market – Does Sweden have competent buyers? Speakers: Michael Treschow, Ericsson, Birgitta Böhlin, FMV, Jan Sundberg, SEB Företagsinvest, Mathias Uhlén, entrepreneur in biotechnology.
2002-11-05 Sweden’s innovation policy – time for a system change? Speakers: Charles Edquist, Linköping University, Per Eriksson, Vinnova, Peter Strömbäck, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Hjalmar Winbladh, Startupfactory.
2002-08-14 National innovation policy – Will Sweden have a minister of innovation after the 2002 election? Speakers: Kimmo Halme, Chief planning officer, Finland, Per Westerberg, Näringslivsutskottet, Bengt Stillström, Traction AB, Lena Torell, IVA, Ronald Fagerfjäll, DI. Moderator: Leif Lundblad, inventor, Per Rosengren, Skatteutskottet. Panel debate at Nedre Manilla.
2002-05-10 Innovation Management – the European perspective. Speaker: Colin Mason University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Richard Harrison, University of Aberdeen. (Joint arrangement with EURAM.)
2002-02-27 Spin off – spin out – spin in – Company strategy for innovation. Speaker: Ulf G. Eriksson, Telia Business, Jöran Hoff, Ericsson Business Innovation, Harry Frank, ABB Corporate Research.
2001-10-11 The development of entrepreneurship – theory versus practice. Speaker: Magnus Henrekson, School of Economics, Annie Wegelius, K-world.
2001-09-05 Who will benefit from the idea? Speaker: Anders Flodström, KTH, Sten Trolle, Forskarpatent Syd.
2000-04-03 Venture contracts and forms of partnership. Speaker: Lennart Ohlsson, Docent, Marcus Bäcklund, Cell Network. Newspaper articles, You Decide by Peter Wolodarski DN (von Hippel)