Aktie, aktiebolag, aktiemarknad

Aktie, aktiebolag, aktiemarknad – en vänbok till Johan Munck

Johan Munck has for many years played a key role in the development of corporate law, stock market regulation and securities law. In his role as investigator, judge, arbitrator, chairman of numerous important committees and in other ways, he has been a highly active and extremely productive influencer. In connection with his 70th birthday, 18 of his friends and colleagues wrote this book on shares, corporations and the stock market. The book is edited by the Cheif Justice Marianne Lundius, economist Ragnar Boman, and Adjunct Professor Rolf Skog, whom have all worked closely with Johan Munck.

Corporate Governance Forum, 2013
Language: Swedish
ISBN: 9789185333479
Price: 559 SEK