About the Foundation

Swedish companies early gained a pole position on the international market through a strong culture of innovation and exceptional conditions for growth. Our global and innovative companies formed the foundation for Sweden’s economic and social well-being. As a small export-oriented nation, our future prosperity is determined by the global competitiveness of our business community. It is therefore essential to create a favorable climate for continuous development of business in Sweden. This is the focus of the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation.

The Foundation’s purpose and activities

The Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation is an independent, non-partisan organization supporting the development of business in Sweden through seminars, publications, education and research in the areas of business administration and corporate law. The foundation initiates change through constructive dialogue and new knowledge.

Founded in 1986, the foundation has its origin in the financial lifework of entrepreneur Karl-Adam Bonnier. For more than 30 years, the foundation has created an arena for constructive dialogue and exchange of knowledge among decision-makers and thought leaders in academia, industry and the public sector.

Today the foundation operates in four different areas as well as initiates projects in research, publications and events. All areas are focused on highly topical questions for business and industry development in Sweden: