ACTIVITIES 2015-2019

Date Activity Speakers
2019-08-28 The Ambassador Dinner: What does our future trade relationship with China look like and what can we learn from neighbouring countries in Asia? Ambassadors from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Thailand. Representatives from IVA, Sweco, Globala Utmaning, Astra-Zeneca, Izettle, Scania, KTH, Stora Enso, IKEA and Sweden China Trade Council
2019-04-04 Team Sweden then and now: What will the new government’s strategy for trade and investment promotion look like? Niklas Johansson, undersecretary with Ann Linde, Christine Bäckström, CEO at International Council of Swedish Industry (NIR) and Eva Häussling, Executive Member of the Swedish General Foreign Trade Association (SAU). Moderator:  Johanna Jeansson, Dagens Industri
2019-03-21 How do we get more companies to choose Sweden? Tommy Waidelich, Special Investigator, and Susanna Silversol, Investigation Secretary for ‘Effective Public Promotion of Foreign Investment’

Jennie Cato, Head of Unit, Trade and Sustainability, Association of Swedish Engineering Industries

2018-11-28 Annual Embassy Trade Officers Salon Dinner: Opportunities and Challenges in the New World of Trade Commercial/trade officers based in Stockholm working at embassies/consulates
2018-10-22 Global Trade Attitudes. What does it mean for the US and Sweden? Bruce Stokes, Director of Global Economic Attitudes at Pew Research Institute, Teppo Tauriainen, Director General for Trade, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
2018-10-10 The future of the Swedish model in the age of globalization David Crouch, British author and journalist, Pontus Braunerhjelm, Research Director of the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, Boel Godner (S), Mayor of Södertälje, Marina Åman, Second vice president, Unionen
2018-04-17 Seminar: Agenda 2030: Can Swedish companies show the way? • Suzanne Håkansson, Vice President Health Care Affairs, Astra-Zenca,
• Patricia Kempff, manager of public affairs, ABB,
• Andreas Follér, sustainability manager, Scania,
• Jens Sjödahl, CEO, Pansanté
2018-03-26 Report launch with FIM: ‘Born Global’ companies: Overhyped or hope for the future? • Magnus Henrekson, CEO of IFN
• Louise Johannesson, researcher at IFN
• Ulrika Cederskog Sundling, Executive Vice President, Invest & Region Sweden at Business Sweden
• Joakim Stymne, GD at SCB
2018-01-17 Seminar: Beyond Aid Opener:
• Elsa Håstad, Assistant Director-General and Head of the Department of Europe & Latin America, SIDA

• Annika Rembe, Director General, Swedish Institute

• Anna Stellinger, Director General, College of Commerce

• Ulf Pehrsson, Vice President, Government Affairs, Ericsson

• Sten Stenström, Project Manager, Growth and Development Markets, RISE
• Mia Odabas

2017-08-30 Round table talks on trade with Southeast Asia Ambassadors/Ministry for Foreign Affairs:
• Johanna Brismar Skoog, Ambassador to Indonesia

• Harald Fries, Ambassador to the Philippines

• Johan Hallenborg, Minister Counsellor in Myanmar

• Staffan Herrström, Ambassador to Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and the Philippines

• Per-Eric Högberg, Ambassador to Vietnam (Obstacle)

• Håkan Jevrell, Ambassador to Singapore, Brunei

• Dag Juhlin-Dannfelt, Ambassador to Malaysia

• Maria Sargren, Ambassador to Cambodia

• Camilla Mellander, UD, Unit for Promotion and Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Stockholm (former ambassador to Vietnam)

Representatives from Swedish companies in the region:

• Christian Kinch, CEO, Bactiguard

• Torbjörn Kronander, CEO, Sectra

• Stefan Rinaldo, CEO, AlimakHek

• Peter Eklund, CEO, Bergkvist-Insjön

• Christofer Edström, CEO, Emtunga

• Fredrik Anderson, CEO, Cellmark

Representatives from Stockholm School of Economics:

• Lars Strannegård

Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation:

• Tor Bonnier, Chairman of the Board

• Lotta Lundén, board member

• Bo Hjalmarsson, board member

• Anna Karin Källén, Manager Forum for Global Business

2017-06-01 Seminar on Free Trade – Is There Any Alternative? Opener:
• Ronald Fagerfjäll, author and financial journalist
• Lena Johansson, secretary general Swedish ICC (International Chamber of
• Rikard Allvin, expert trade issues, Miljöpartiet Party in the European Parliament
2017-05-29 Seminar on Export Financing for SMEs: Dreams, challenges and the search for new solutions Opener:
• Carina Nordström, lending manager, Almi
• Carl-Johan Karlsson, manager SME, EKN
• Urban Ljungblom, trade finance and sales development, Nordea
• Andreas Ericson, manager mid-sized companies, SEK
Also present:
• Göran Lundwall, CEO, Almi
• Anna-Karin Jatko, Director-general, EKN
• Jane Lundgren Ericsson, lending manager, SEK
2017-01-12 Book launch: Miljardvallen – Ten Swedish companies on how to create success through exports Ann Linde EU and Trade Minister, Ulf Bergkvist Chairman Bergkvist i Insjön, Torbjörn Kronander CEO, Sectra, Gudrun Sjödén CEO, Gudrun Sjödén, Fredrik Wester CEO, Paradox Interactive, Thomas Malmer, Forum Manager, Forum for Global Business, Enrico Deiaco, Department manager The Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis, Bettina Kashefi Chief economist, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Günther Mårder CEO, Företagarna, Lena Sellgren Chief Economist, Business Sweden, Anna Stellinger GD, National Board of Trade Sweden, Moderator: Anna-Karin Källén
2016-12-05 Seminar: Cooperation for internationalization – What can we learn from other countries? Jenny Gardner, Director UK Trade & Investment, Ninni Löwgren Tischer, department manager, German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Carl Jeding, analyst, The Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis, Torsten Ericsson, Deputy Councillor for Foreign Affairs, Tor Bonnier, Chairman Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation, Thomas Malmer, Forum Manager, Global Business Forum, Moderator
2016-08-24 Round table talks on trade with Southeast Asia Johanna Brismar Skoog, Ambassador to Indonesia, Bengt G. Carlsson, Ambassador to Malaysia, Anna Maj Hultgård, Ambassador to Cambodia, Per-Eric Högberg, New Ambassador to Vietnam, Håkan Jevrell, Ambassador to Singapore, Brunei, Johan Hallenborg, Myanmar, Staffan Herrström, Ambassador to Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Philippines, Camilla Mellander, Ambassador to Vietnam, Mara Sargren, New Ambassador to Cambodia, Harald Friis, Ambassador to the Philippines, Dag Juhlin-Dannfelt, New Ambassador Malaysia, Simon Eneldorff, CEO Envirotainer, Peter Eklund, CEO Bergkvist Insjön, Björn Engström, CEO Babybjörn, Kaj Möller, Export Manager Sweco, Lars Strannegård, Vice Chancellor of the School of Business, Jonas Törnblom, Head of Marketing Envac, Magnus Mähring, Professor of Business, Lotta Lundén, Member, Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation Chairman of the Karl-Adam Bonnier Foundation, Thomas Malmer, Forum Manager, Global Business Forum, Moderator
2016-07-06 How do we realize the great potential of Swedish companies’ international success? (Almedalen, The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise) Ann Linde, Minister of EU and Trade, Lars Hjälmred (M), Jenny Cato, the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries, Jörgen Bödmar, CEO, Online Design, Kaj Möller, Export Manager Sweco, Adam Brånby, owner and Chairman of Woolpower, Maria Adenfelt, Uppsala University, Thomas Malmer, Forum manager, Forum for Global Business, moderator
2016-04-21 How can Team Sweden contribute to the internationalization of small and medium-sized companies in Sweden? Joakim Ladeborn, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oscar Stenström, State Secretary for the Ministry of Industry, Caroline af Ugglas, CEO Swedish Business, Daniel Wiberg, Chief Economist Företagarna, Moderator: Thomas Malmer, FGB
2016-04-21 Workshop with Företagarna on internationalization and export promotion in smaller companies Richard Berglund, CEO, Happy Ears, Jukka Viitasara, part owner Happy Ears, Nicoline Kinch, CEO Kolormondo, Anna Godevärn, CEO Mjösjö Deli, Anja Lunnerfjord, sales, PrimeBlade, Simon Kuru, CEO Exporttjänsteföretagen, Hans Aldén former diplomat, Günter Mårder, CEO Företagarna, Daniel Wiberg, chief economist Företagarna, Andreas Wass, Företagarna, Siri Steijer, press secretary Företagarna, Teresa Nyberg, Företagarna Stockholm
2015-11-23 Round table talks on internationalization of smaller companies in Sweden Jonas Berggren, Manager international secretariat Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Roberth Friedman, Country Manager trade department, Embassy of Israel, Jenny Gardner, Director Trade & Investment, British Embassy, Lena Johansson, secretary general, International Chamber of Commerce, Malin Johansson, Head of Communications German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Frida Roberts, Dep. Head at the Swedish Institute, Olof Sandén, CEO RISE, formerly Trade Commissioner Berlin, Per-Erik Sandlund, consultant, former investigator at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CEO Invest Sweden, Daniel Wiberg, Chief Economist of Businesses, Tor Bonnier, chairman. K-A Bonnier Foundation, Moderator: Thomas Malmer, FGB
2015-08-26 Round table talks on trade with Southeast Asia Johanna Brismar Skoog, Ambassador to Indonesia, Bengt G. Carlsson, Ambassador to Malaysia, Anna Maj Hultgård, Ambassador to Cambodia, Håkan Jevrell, Ambassador to Singapore, Brunei, Camilla Mellander, Ambassador to Vietnam, Klas Molin, Ambassador to Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and the Philippines, Niklas Bergström, int. Head of Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Suzanne Håkansson, VP Health Care Affairs, AstraZeneca, Sören Johansson, VP Business Development Elektra, Lena Olving, CEO Mycronic, Owe Pettersson, CEO Plantagon, Lars Strannegård, Vice Chancellor of the School of Business, Johan Bonnier, Board Member KA Bonnier Foundation, Tor Bonnier, chairperson K-A Bonnier Foundation, Moderator: Thomas Malmer, FGB
2015-06-10 Round table on Investments in Sweden Israel, Robert Friedman, Country Manager for Sweden, Embassy of Israel, Jillian Senkiw, Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Canada, Marianne Peters, Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Denmark, Malin Johansson, Director of communication, German-Swedish chamber of commerce, Tor Bonnier, Chairman K-A Bonnier Foundation, Bo Hjalmarsson, Delphi, member of the board KABS board, Kajsa Fung, Special Advisor for International Accreditations, Stockholm School of Economics. Moderator: Thomas Malmer, FGB